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RioRey's DDoS protection platforms allow you to reduce the direct and indirect costs of damaging DDoS emergencies. In fact, we detect and mitigate DDoS attacks automatically so that few attacks ever become the kind of emergencies that can potentially overwhelm network staff. On the positive side of the equation, many of our customers convert DDoS protection into a revenue opportunity by providing incremental protection for their own clients.

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If network or website downtime is not an option, you must have an effective DDoS defense strategy. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can cripple your business. The fallout from a DDoS attack can result in lost revenue, customers, and credibility. DDoS defense systems based on traditional security measures such as firewalls, intruder detection systems, increased bandwidth and network security staff are not robust solutions. Experts agree that only a dedicated DDoS protection platform can effectively counter the threat of DDoS.

We know that networks vary in size, architecture and demand in terms of functionality and availability. Our focus is to provide different solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of customers. We offer a full family of products for customers with small, single site locations to large multi-nationals with thousands of servers and websites. We protect applications that range from high-end gaming sites to large e-commerce sites. Our platforms may be installed in off-ramp scrubbing centers or put in-line in the network.

Easy to Deploy + ManagePainless for Network Staff

RioRey devices do not interact with any other equipment in your network. RioRey appliances are compatible with all networking standards and do not require additional configuration or restructuring of current network environment. No additional hardware or software is required for the RioRey DDoS solution. Within a few minutes after powering up, RioRey devices begin to filter DDoS attack traffic automatically. Performance is highly reliable and RioRey will not drop good traffic even during massive DDoS floods.

A key goal in our approach to DDoS defense is to make the process as automatic as possible so that network security staff is not overwhelmed when DDoS attacks occur. We want security staff to focus on reporting what attacks have occurred on the network and how they were defended rather then spending hours analyzing network data to come up with a proper DDoS defense. Furthermore, we have designed management tools that are highly intuitive and require little training. Both RioRey devices and management tools are built to be extremely user friendly.

Key Product Features
  • Algorithmic-based (not rules or anomaly based)
  • Detects and mitigates DDoS attack traffic in two minutes or less
  • Automatic detection/filtering--- no analyst intervention required
  • No signatures required
  • Adapts to attacker changes in real-time without analyst intervention
  • No other hardware required; works in heterogeneous network environment. RioRey is agnostic regarding other equipment or defense systems in the network
  • Technology based on multi-level algorithmic architecture and does not require Netflow information
  • RioRey operation is transparent to networking layer protocols and all flow and link information passes through
  • No deep packet inspection or decryption required
  • RioRey represents the new generation of dedicated DDoS defense
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