RioRey is the DDoS Specialist™


RioRey® is a privately held company headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. We design, engineer and manufacture a comprehensive product line of dedicated devices that defend networks from the rapidly expanding threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. RioRey's "algorithmic centric" technology is recognized as the next generation solution in the science of DDoS detection and mitigation. RioRey products scale to work with the Fortune 1000, small and medium businesses, government agencies, Telcos and hosting companies worldwide to detect and stop DDoS attacks before they compromise customers' networks. We sell to and service customers in North America, EMEA and Asia.


Dedicated to DDoS Defense

When RioRey was founded in 2006, our singular mission was to build the best products in the industry to defend against DDoS attacks. In simple terms, our goal was to develop a technology that reflected our in-depth research and knowledge of DDoS.

Before designing our platform, we began developing a conceptual model of DDoS and its behavior. We believed that DDoS attacks would grow in number, severity, complexity, and sophistication and would threaten all enterprises that rely upon the Internet. Therefore, security platforms addressing many security and network related problems would not be sustainable to cope with the evolution of DDoS. We knew that effective DDoS protection would only be achieved with dedicated platforms. Additionally, given the ever-evolving DDoS options created by attackers, our protection had to be comprehensive and flexible. The bottom line was that RioRey needed to defend against all known DDoS attacks.

Today we provide a language and structure for classifying and understanding the world of DDoS in our RioRey Taxonomy of DDoS Attacks. This chart details the 25 major classes of DDoS attacks that occur on a daily basis, ranging from massive floods to highly sophisticated Layer 7 "surgical" attacks.


Dedicated to Customers

Beyond educating our customers, we realized the need to develop a strong customer support function, technical team and technical platform that allowed us to rapidly create protection from new attack approaches. Our RioRey Rapid Response Team focuses high-level resources on responding to new attacks as well as short-term resolution. The RioRey platform is architected to adapt new defenses rapidly, with no down time, in response to new attack types. Because RioRey is a company solely dedicated to blocking DDoS attacks, we are organized to rapidly generate software updates to provide new defenses against new attacks. This rapid response time is supported by our algorithmic-centric to fighting DDoS and of our software-based, high-performance architecture.