RS-40: The New Standard for 10Gbps Networking


The New RS-40 support networks running 10Gb bandwidth connections. The RS filters up to 40 million packets per second under attack of any combination of DDoS attack traffic. 

The RS-40 allows for multiple configuration options addressing needs for multiple 10G links and has hardware bypass functionality built into the NIC for each 10Gb port. The NIC integrated bypasses save precious data center rack space compared to the outgoing RS-30. The device's power supplies and fans are redundant and hot swappable, giving the RS a 99.999% system availability rating. Zero learning periods means RS-40 can be deployed in an off-ramp scrubbing center or in-line to protect the network. 40 million packets per second throughput protection against any mix of DDoS means the RS-40 makes the ideal solution for both enterprise and the complex, multi tenant environments found in tier 1 telecommunications providers and larger hosting providers. 

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