RioRey's Taxonomy of DDoS Attacks


At the core of RioRey’s defense system is a systematic classification of DDoS Attacks. Before designing our platforms, we developed a conceptual model of DDoS and its behavior. Given the ever-evolving DDoS options created by attackers, our protection had to be comprehensive and flexible. The bottom line was that RioRey needed to defend against all known DDoS attacks.


Today we provide a language and structure for classifying and understanding the world of DDoS in our RioRey Taxonomy of DDoS Attacks. This chart details the 25 major classes of DDoS attacks that occur on a daily basis, ranging from massive floods to highly sophisticated Layer 7 "surgical" attacks.

Our Taxonomy of DDoS Attacks has allowed for the development of a rich and comprehensive set of analytics to extract meaningful features from traffic data for accurate identification of good and bad packets. Currently, RioRey automatically applies over 70 different analytical metrics to measure characteristics of IP packet flows.


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