RioRey RG, RS and RE Series: A DDoS Defense Solution for Every Network


RioRey is the leader in building the best performing dedicated DDoS defense platforms in the industry for detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks. Our dedicated DDoS defense systems automatically pinpoint and stop attack traffic while allowing legitimate traffic to continue to flow through your network. Easy to deploy and manage, our comprehensive line of DDoS solutions can be placed in-line or off-ramp in your network for "always on" defense against the full spectrum of today's DDoS attacks, including floods and Layer 7 application attacks.


Superior Analytics and Architecture. RioRey protects your key network assets against all major classes of DDoS attacks (TCP Based, TCP-HTTP Based, UDP Based, and ICMP Based). Our algorithmic-driven defense focuses on the analytics of network traffic to rapidly identify and mitigate DDoS traffic at line-rate.


Deploys Immediately. Within a few minutes after powering up, RioRey devices begin to filter DDoS attack traffic automatically - this means no signatures, no rules, and no waiting. . Performance is highly reliable and RioRey defense is designed not to drop good traffic even during massive DDoS attacks. 


Centralized Management. rWeb is our best-in-class browser-based management platform that works with all RioRey devices. A single rWeb can manage multiple devices installed in multiple sites. It provides monitoring and reporting of attack traffic with alarms, report summaries, real- time and historic traffic data. Integrate rWeb into security and network operations for data retrieval, automation and configuration by external management and billing systems.

RE Series: RE-2000 and RE-4000

Our RE collection is designed for smaller sized networks with 1Gbps connections. These devices can filter between 800 thousand to 1.4 million packets per second under attack.

RE10: Entry-Level Solution For 10Gbps Networks

The RioRey RE10 is the most cost-effective option for small to medium enterprises with 10Gbps connections. The RE10 filters up to 6 million packets per second under attack.

RS40: The New Standard For Enterprise Networks

For larger 10Gbps enterprise networks, the new RioRey RS40 filters up to 40 million packets per second under attack and has a high-availability design with a 99.999% system availability rating and now uses less rack space when fully configured.

RG Series: RioRey's Premiere Carrier Grade Solution

The RioRey RG Series features the most powerful DDoS Protection engine in the world. The RG can protect up to 200Gb of bandwidth at 72 million packets per second under attack and uses IBM's state-of-the-art chassis and blade architecture.