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RioRey is the leader in dedicated DDoS protection.

Regardless of your network size, architecture or demands,
we have solutions you need to effectively defend against the
threat of DDoS.

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Dedicated to DDoSFamily of Products
As the DDoS threat grows in sophistication and severity, all businesses and organizations that rely upon the Internet are at risk. Robust DDoS protection can only be achieved with dedicated detection and mitigation platforms. RioRey is dedicated solely to creating the best defense against DDoS attacks.
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RioRey has a cost-effective and comprehensive product line that supports the varied needs of our customers. We offer a full range of 1Gb-based to 10Gb-based platforms that analyze incoming network traffic behavior and automatically mitigate DDoS attacks before they infiltrate your network.
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Got DDoS?Taxonomy of DDoS Attacks
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RioRey has designed a RioRey Taxonomy Chart of DDoS Attack Types that provides a language and structure for classifying and understanding the evolving and complex world of DDoS.

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