Flexible Deployment Architecture


Our customers range in size from small, single site locations to large multi-nationals with thousands of servers and websites and we protect all types of applications such as high-end gaming sites and large e-commerce sites. With the help of our experienced team, the customer can choose how and where to deploy RioRey solutions in their network.

At The Front Of The Network

Customers can install RioRey at the front of their network. RioRey will continually monitor all information coming off the internet into their network and automatically filter DDoS attacks as they occur.


Single Customer Protection

Hosters can have their customers purchase DDoS equipment directly from RioRey or indirectly with the Hosting Provider acting as a reseller, placing the box in front of the customer server(s). This strategy reduces capital investment while guaranteeing that key customers have the necessary DDoS protection.


Off-Ramp Protection

Our approach to detection and mitigation makes creating and managing your own scrubbing center simple.  For large networks where in-line simply becomes too costly, this architecture allows for significant reductions in cost and hardware footprint.  

Our solutions allow flexibility in how you choose to architect your scrubbing center.  You can use traditional flow-based detection to decide when to route traffic to be cleaned, or real time sampling to get a more complete view of even layer 7 attacks.  Click here to view our white paper on scrubbing centers.