Intelligent DDoS Detection and Mitigation Made Simple.


RioRey is the leader in building the best performing DDoS defense systems for automatically detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks. Installed all over the world, our highly intelligent, analytic-driven solutions are designed for networks of all sizes and meet the most rigorous security requirements of major enterprises, large service providers and Telco environments. 



Our scalable, multi-layer DDoS defense solutions combine powerful on-premise protection with an on-demand cloud-based scrubbing service to combat the full spectrum of DDoS attacks, including stealthy Layer 7 application attacks and large scale volumetric attacks.


ddos protection homepage riorey
ddos protection homepage riorey
ddos protection homepage riorey

Algorithmic-Driven Defense for Automatic Mitigation

RioRey's analytic-based technology rapidly identifies and mitigates DDoS traffic immediately after powering up - no signatures, no rules, no waiting. We protect against all the 25 classes of DDoS attacks in our Taxonomy, an industry standard for classifying DDoS. 

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Multi-Layer Approach for Always On Protection

RioRey offers a comprehensive line of on-premise equipment that is placed at the network's edge to defend against the full spectrum of DDoS attacks or to help build an on-demand cloud-based scrubbing service for volumetric attacks that otherwise overwhelm the network. 

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Premiere Central Management and Reporting System

rWeb is RioRey’s powerful browser-based management and reporting system built to meet the diverse needs of modern networks. Highly scalable, rWeb combines network visibility and powerful tools for an “all-in-one” platform for managing DDoS defense. 

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