RioRey VM DDoS Filtering: Industry leading throughput

The same RIOS filtering software that powers our hardware solutions is now available to run as a virtual machine. Our virtual appliances deliver same comprehensive IPv4 and IPv6 algorithmic DDoS filtering as our hardware solutions.   

DDoS Solutions RioRey rWeb

Recognizing the wide-reaching benefits of virtualized infrastructure, RioRey offers its comprehensive DDoS mitigation appliance as a virtual machine. RioRey VM complements server virtualization strategies while providing intelligent, multi-layer protection against the full spectrum of DDoS threats, from massive floods to advanced, application-layer attacks. RioRey VM gives network administrators the flexibility to erect DDoS defenses when and where necessary, and the agility to adapt quickly as deployment strategies and requirements evolve. RioRey’s virtual machine model also supports service chaining architectures, facilitating dynamic service offerings free of complex network changes.

Virtual Machine Filtering Features

  • Supports KVM or VMWare platforms
  • 1 Gbps or 10Gbps filtering capability

  • Protects against all 25 classes of DDoS (see our Taxonomy of DDoS)

  • Central management by the rWeb Management Platform

  • Quick deployment with no "learning period" required for optimal mitigation

  • Ideal for mixed deployments where both hardware and VM filtering are useful